[opensource-dev] SNOW-375 Binary Package Available

Philippe (Merov) Bossut merov at lindenlab.com
Mon Apr 5 21:56:58 PDT 2010


On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 11:17 AM, Morgaine <morgaine.dinova at googlemail.com>wrote:

> While that may be his intention, you can't make a new Snowglobe by placing
> a patch in Jira, applying the patch to Snowglobe sources, and then
> distributing the resulting viewer as if it were a new version of Snowglobe,
> exempt from being a TPV.
> If that were possible then everyone would do likewise with their own
> patches in order not to be caught by the TPV policy.
> So until SNOW-375 is committed into Snowglobe, Dzon is releasing a new
> viewer that is not Snowglobe, and it's clearly a TPV so it needs a name,
> which is why I asked what that name was.
> I expect that Linden Lab would not take kindly to such TPV clients derived
> from Snowglobe being called "Snowglobe-XXX" as a way of bypassing the TPV
> policy.  Perhaps Merov could comment.
I'll try to answer that case to the best of my understanding:

- Commit of SNOW-375 in Snowglobe: This is a big patch and, since we don't
have a CLA for Dzonatas on file, it can't be integrated as long as that's
not cleared. Note that, to the best of my knowledge, such CLA are asked for
contributions to most FLOSS projects. In the meantime, anyone can certainly
apply Dzon's patch and build a viewer. As long as you do it for yourself,
there's no problem with this.

- Distributing Binaries: That indeed creates a TPV and TPV Policy will apply
if the viewer plans to connect to the SL grid and be listed in the viewer

- Snowglobe Trademark: This is still an on going issue. In
https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SNOW-153, Robla added the following
We still plan to protect this logo under trademark law. We haven't announced
a specific policy around this, but we're looking at the Fedora and Firefox
logos for examples of the tradeoffs. We don't want to have is someone
offering a trojan-horse laden viewer under the Snowglobe name bearing this
logo, and we want to make sure we've got the legal right to stop that
I don't have details on where we stand legally on the trademark application
right now. In the meantime, using "Snowglobe-XXX" is unlikely to raise
issues. Using something really different though is likely safer. Which
brings us to...

- Easy Packaging of TPV : This is actually the objective of the proposed
"BINDIST --- easy way to produce legally distributable binary packages"
https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SNOW-495 : I've been working on this in
the background and plan to get something together shortly. I already
identified all applicable patches so I'm not too far off producing a script
doing this.

- Merov
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