[opensource-dev] Thank you for updating the Viewer Directory requirements

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Wed Apr 28 11:40:12 PDT 2010

On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 18:02:24 +0200, Marine Kelley wrote:

> Hi, I'd like to thank whoever changed the application page on the Viewer
> Directory, the RL info fields used to be "publishable" (they had a little
> cross next to the little star indicating that they were mandatory), and
> that's what was holding me from registering the RLV there. Today I just
> noticed that these fields (RL name, address etc) are not "publishable"
> anymore, which mostly addresses the concerns I had before, namely having my
> RL info published without my agreement. Therefore I have applied to register
> the RLV on the Viewer Directory today, we'll see how it goes.

This is still *way* beyond what I am ready to provide to LL: it is *illegal*
in France to require private data that is not strictly necessary to provide
a service. Reference: Law Informatique et Liberté, Article 6, paragraph 3
(http://www.cnil.fr/fileadmin/documents/en/Act78-17VA.pdf), citation:
"The collected data [...] shall be adequate, relevant, and not excessive
in relation to the purpose for which their are obtained and their further

Being published in the directory should not be made conditional to the
divulgation of my real name and address. All what Linden Lab needs to
have is my avatar name and an ISP based email (which they both already
got): even in case of a legal issue, this info is sufficient for the
police or the justice to identify me.

Beside, given LL clearly states that they can modify the TPV policy at any
time, how could you be sure that they won't suddenly decide to reveal your
private data publicly ?... Another concern is about the security of your
data. Linden Lab has already an history with data theft (see:
and this may happen again, particularly with secondary and weakly protected
databases such as the TPV directory.

Sorry, but I will not endanger my real life by risking to get my real name
publicly associated with my SL avatar name.
As a French citizen, I will go by the French law which allows me to stay
anonymous and preserve my private data.

I already raised this concern, but apparently Linden Lab is ignoring it...

For this reason and although fully TPV policy compliant, the Cool VL Viewer
will not be registered in LL's TPV directory.


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