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Philippe (Merov) Bossut merov at lindenlab.com
Tue Feb 23 21:45:56 PST 2010


So, Snowglobe 2 is out there and ready to build/hack. Well, almost. What we
have today is basically the Viewer 2.0 beta source code + all the Snowglobe
branding on top of it but lots of Snowglobe specific features are still
missing. Before I go into the details of what's left to be done (and where
you can help), some pointers to orient yourself:

- svn : the code is available off :
I choose svn over hg uniquely for practical reasons: we needed to go through
an export script anyway so rewriting the export for hg while keeping the
rest unchanged was a time saver. It'll also make merge from Snowglobe 1.3
based trunk easier (svn to svn merge).

- bundles: they are posted on :
The usual stuff, no change from the old 1.3 code base (artwork, libs and
source tarballs if you don't like svn)

At that point, building should be no different from before. If you use
develop.py, it should be a piece of cake. For the sake of completeness
though, I'm doing right now a build "from scratch" on Mac so I'll catch
anything that I may have missed in the svn commit this afternoon. Since I
had to work around some unexpected svn crashes, I did some commit manually
and may have missed something. Let me know if you see something going awry
on Windows or Linux.

For those of you compiling standalone and/or on Linux 64: I have *not* done
*any* build using those configurations. I did merge some of the build
changes when doing the branding merge but, without building myself, I'm sure
I missed some important things. For those issues, please discuss here or,
better, log a PJIRA and discuss there or attach a patch (please set "Affect
version" to "Snowglobe 2.0"). You'll see that, though lots of files are new,
most of the structure of the code base hasn't changed that much.

- What needs to be done
Now we have the code out, what's next? 2 categories of things:
- Scripts and build: I still have unfinished or hacky scripts on the
internal side of things that I need to polish and push to the main trunk so
that updates are easier. In particular, I need to make sure the automated
build on the public branch works again.
- Snowglobe features merge: I haven't merged all the things we've been doing
in 2009. Lots of those biggest things we did in Snowglobe though are now in
Viewer 2.0 so won't need to be merged. Some of the big features though are:
  - OGP-Login: Pixelq already volunteered to help merge that back
  - SOCKS5: here, Robin volunteered
  - Chat translator: for that one, that would be nice if someone would
volunteer to do the merge
  - Login drop down: same
I think I can take care of the other small fixes especially since I have
access to the internal JIRA that details which ones have been merged in the
Viewer 2.0. It's a little tedious work but not fundamentally hard. I think
it'll take me a couple of weeks to get all that in (that plus finishing the

- How you can help
As usual: testing, building and submitting patches :) PJIRA is open. Please
set "Affect version" to "Snowglobe 2.0" for bugs found on that code base.

Snowglobe 2.0 and Viewer 2.0 are still very much young and starting and need
our collective care. I'm very happy personally to have Snowglobe now
tracking the main viewer (and getting out of the business of doing cherry
pick merges of huge feature sets...) so that our effort here can get to the
main viewer faster while we still maintain the freedom to experiment.

I'm really looking forward for more innovative Snowglobe developments now
we're back tracking the main code base.

- Merov
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