[opensource-dev] Plugins/Modular architecture

Nicky Fullton nickyd_sl at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 14:02:36 PDT 2010

> From: Patnad Babii <djshag at hotmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] Plugins/Modular architecture
> To: "OpenSource Mailing List" <opensource-dev at lists.secondlife.com>
> Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, 8:37 PM
> most of the games run only in windows
> anyways, its 80% of their userbase at 
> the least.
> Also its not true they can't run on mac and linux as theres
> mono now that 
> make it possible.

This is true. But keep in mind that mono does not support all the features
the Microsoft C# compiler offers.
Neither does it offer all the assemblies Windows has, which I think might
be the bigger problem.

In any case would one have to rewrite the whole code to C#. I am not sure
if you are willing to fund the development and QA of that ;) Right now
I doubt anyone would be willing to pay for that.
Not to forgot someone would have to pay for the TFS server licence and the
client CALs, Unless of course you buy VS Team Edition, which includes a
CAL, but costs some serious cash aswell.
Not to forget you need a admin for that. When you researched about TFS,
some even suggested a full time admin for it. (Not sure if that is really
necessary or just overkill).

Besides that do I think that deploying a .NET app solves some problems. But
on the other hand you just get new problems.

I saw enough corrupted .NET installs and GACs to know that not everything 
is golden in .NET land.



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