[opensource-dev] The Plan for Snowglobe

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Fri Sep 10 17:13:56 PDT 2010

On Fri, 10 Sep 2010 18:27:32 -0500, dilly dobbs wrote:

> I would like to know 2  things, as an observer.  You continue to make
> statements like 'TPV developers' as if you speak for them all.
> Secondly, I distinctly remember you saying goodbye to us all, Is this your
> Hi im back statement?
> This isn't meant to be offensive im just trying to understand where your
> coming from.

1.- TPV developers seem to be agreeing with me (at least, none of
    them so far denied it in this list). Same thing if to believe their
    own blogs and forums... But for Kirsten and Marine (Kirsten probably
    because she values most shadow rendering and other rendering
    improvements in v2, and Marine because she always provided
    RestrainedLove for the current official viewer), none of them so far
    consider moving to the viewer 2 code base in the short term, and
    several of them (at least three in this list, me included) seem
    pretty much disapointed (to say the least), with LL's stance.
    Oh, I also had a look to the mercurial repository for Snowstorm,
    and tried to count the TPV developpers who submitted patches...
    Even someone amputated with fingers on each hand, could still
    count them on one hand...
    Plus, in my messages on this list, I merely pointed out how, when
    considering the pros and the cons of a move to viewer 2, LL's own
    stance on Snowstorm is far from an encouragement to do the move,
    and even less to contribute to Snowstorm.

2.- You should read my posts better...
    I never said I'd leave, much to the contrary (I even said I'd fight
    to the last extremity before I would even consider giving up); you
    are probably confusing me with Aleric who just left.

I might be blunt with LL, but they often deserve it, and I always try
to be constructive. I've got "some experience", mind you, both in RL
(counted in decades) and in SL (counted in years)... That's "where I'm
coming from"...
While my prose in this list most often only represents my personal
opinion, it might be of some value, even to LL... and even if they
might well often cringe when reading me. :-P


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