[opensource-dev] The Plan for Snowglobe

Lance Corrimal Lance.Corrimal at eregion.de
Sat Sep 11 06:59:11 PDT 2010

 Am 11.09.2010 14:03, schrieb Tateru Nino:
> I'm afraid that figure is no better than flipping a coin. The fact is 
> none of us has any  trustworthy figures on why most of the 9000-13000 
> new signups each day don't log in the first time, or don't stay.

How many of those are scripted bots, or just "one bowl of rice per day"
goons somewhere in asia, the kind that signs up on forums to post
advertizing to make a living?

Guess how many of those spammy commenters I get on a few wordpress blogs
that I run, even though the signup and the anon commenting is behind

I don't think that any "new user" should actually be counted as a new
user unless the new user actually connects to the grid at least once.

I actually think that that number means "9000 - 13000 have signed up,
irregardless of how many actually even just click the activation link".


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