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I think it goes further than that.  The trick to making it simple is to make
it so intuitive that the user knows instinctively what to do.  This
basically means creating things that we are already familiar with.  It is
not intuitive to navigate, need a navigation HUD that is so obvious you know
what to do.  The use of inventory is not intuitive and you have to figure
out how to wear stuff, how to take stuff off.  What I am even wearing.  I
can't preview easy.  Just as an example should be a changing room or
something.  How do I know I can do animations, how do I see which ones do
what?  The user interface is using a 2D solution that hasn't evolved in 20
years.  Not intuitive to know where to go.  Maps, other things need to be
more familiar.  The grid map is so uninteresting and not intuitive.
Showcase and search are not clear.


This whole problem of new user experience is more than viewer 1, or viewer
2, it has to do with the whole concept of how users understand what they see
and relate that to what they know.  Nothing about this interface, except the
actual 3D space is familiar in anyway.  I think this is why I find the
viewer 2 UI so disappointing; it brought nothing new to the table on how to
do user-interfaces.


A few things that could help is making the user interface more active,
meaning objects that can do something show they can do something when the
mouse if over them.  A Tool tips area on the screen that gives you
information about the object your mouse is over some where on the screen.
Option for descriptive menus that explain option, or short menus.   Wizards
that tell you what step you are on.


People say it isn't a game, but many games have made significant progress in
user interface design, I don't see any of this being implemented.


All I have heard about viewer 2 UI is it solved some of the technical issues
to maintain the complexity of the UI.  I haven't really heard how it solves
the use cases of the user or content designer.  User wears clothes.  User
navigates.  User puts new object in world, User creates and object.  User
finds an object in their inventory.  User wants to find something to do.


Few other notes, is it is stressful to learn something new, need to reward
the user.  Give them something, make it fun.  Play videos that show them,
then they do it.  Don't know, but lots that can be done.






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I agree with you Dilly, what i've found over time, is that alot of people
just prefer to skip reading, they like things visually and orally. 


I've found a tutorial by googling quickly
http://www.mmocrunch.com/2010/07/16/microvolts-releases-tutorial-video/, of
what i think would work best for SL's first exprience. Something built in
the viewer with animations and voice (or not) . 


I know they changed orientation island recently (in the last year) i think
it is a good step forward, but apparently it needs more. 


Its true that the MMO based tutorial seem to be the appropriate approach for
what SL is, the more guidance the better i would say and always allow people
to skip part of it (if they are ready, let them just go). 


I see the tutorial as some kind of a checklist, where you have the different
checkpoint, like Navigation, Inventory, Clothing, Purchasing and if they are
willing enought they could even try the building tutorial were they are
shown the first steps of building.






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Ok if its not the interface that is the issue, then i have an other idea
also, after speaking to a lot of mmo players they are lost when it comes to
second life.  Why not have some "quests" to start the game for them.  For
instance learn to tp to this location to get clothes and put them on.  Make
it more like a game with a limited number of opening/learning the interface
'quests' so to speak.  There has to be some way to keep all of the sign ups.


I my self have tried to bring a lot of other mmo players into the grid and
there biggest humps is learning the interface and then finding something to


We have a very valuable mind trust in this group, we should be able to come
up with something to hook them so to speak. 


This would make it better for us all.


Just my opinion. 

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by 

Douglas Adams 

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On 11/09/2010 11:33 PM, Mike Dickson wrote:
>    On 09/11/2010 08:03 AM, Tateru Nino wrote:
>> On 11/09/2010 10:25 AM, dilly dobbs wrote:
>>> Fair enough, but the simple fact is that the interface needs to be
>>> changed so that they can reclaim more of the sign ups to the grid. The
>>> last numbers i have read on the learning curve is something like 70%
>>> of the users that sign up leave because they have troubles with the
>>> interface.  And we must also consider that this is a business and LL
>>> needs to make good to keep the grid alive.
> [snip]
>> When you read various responses to "Hey, have any of you tried this
>> Second Life thing?" there's usually quite a number of responses from
>> people who did and gave up. Hardly any of them mention the UI as the
>> problem that they had with it.
> I strongly disagree with you there. True its not scientific but I know
> of more than a few people personally who couldn't navigate with the old
> UI and gave up. They recently tried again with viewer 2 and are
> functional and happy.

Which is fine, because I also didn't say that the UI *wasn't* a problem.
What I'm saying is that we don't have any trustworthy data about what the
problems are, how prevalent they are, or how the situation can be improved.

Tateru Nino


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