[opensource-dev] User Story: Inventory Sorting

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I might be able to accomplish some of these requests within the skin UI.  The UI 
for 2.xx is so amazing, I am so thrilled to be digging into it after working in 
the 1.XX UI, bleh.  It would be a lot more helpful to us all if you had a list 
of specific suggestions, rather than burying requests in vague expectations.  I 
understand your frustration, going from Microsoft based terminology to Adobe 
terminology a few years ago was quite a task for me.  At this point though, the 
viewer terminology seems quite self explanitory to me with my current knowledge, 
can you please point out specific terminology which may be confusing to the 
average user?



From: Zha Ewry <zha.ewry at gmail.com>
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Subject: [opensource-dev] User Story: Inventory Sorting

As a user I want to be able to sort my inventory with tools which 
embody familiar metaphors from Windows,  Mac and Linux file browsers.  I expect 
a folder system which exposes attributes in a familiar fashion and permits 
sorting of those attributes in a consistent fashion. I expect folders to be 
sorted by date as well as their contents. I expect to be able to leverage my 
experience as a computer user and find common metaphors such as  sorting columns 
 implemented in the inventory sorter. I expect to be able to create deeply 
nested folder structures and easily find things based on most recently added, 
most recently modified, I expect a consistent approach to displaying nested 
material throughout the viewer. I expect to be able to select which details are 
exposed in an inventory view, and I expect column sorting implemented in a 
familiar fashion. 

~ Zha Ewry

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