[opensource-dev] Mesh?

Lance Corrimal Lance.Corrimal at eregion.de
Sat Sep 25 10:27:16 PDT 2010

Am Samstag 25 September 2010 schrieb Ponzu:
> For one example, the Restrained Life stuff might never be
> acceptable to Lindens for Public Relations or Legal issues.

firstly, RLV has been renamed to RestrainedLove because linden lab 
reserves the right to name stuff with "life" in the name.

hmmm what if it was named Advanced Client Scriptabilty Extension 

because that's basically what it is, an extension that allows inworld 
scripts to control some functions of the users client.

I could think of any number of uses for that stuff that would lead to 
deeper immersion and better roleplay without having any connection to 
BDSM at all.

Just imagine, for the combat roleplayer, a halo-style body armor that 
you can't take off on your own, you have to go see the technician.
(technician has to RLV-unlock the thing).

Or imagine, the well-known stargates that are all over the grid, and 
you don't click the event horizon, you simply walk through it like in 
the movie, and that triggers the teleport... oh wait, they do that 
already if you wear the autotp attachment... and have a viewer with 


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