[opensource-dev] RLV or ACSE (Was Re: Mesh?)

Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey exile at weylan-yutani.com
Sat Sep 25 10:59:30 PDT 2010

On Sat, 2010-09-25 at 19:27 +-0200, Lance Corrimal wrote:
+AD4 hmmm what if it was named Advanced Client Scriptabilty Extension 
+AD4 (ACSE)?
+AD4 because that's basically what it is, an extension that allows inworld 
+AD4 scripts to control some functions of the users client.
+AD4 I could think of any number of uses for that stuff that would lead to 
+AD4 deeper immersion and better roleplay without having any connection to 
+AD4 BDSM at all.

First, since Windlight was never finished, I wrote myself a small
script called RestrainedLight that uses the RLV sky controls to
setup custom skies for various regions I visit.
A Dune-inspired region gets a harsh white-hot sun.
My home region gets a nice sunset on the water and so on.

As a region developer and estate manager, I'd LOVE to have the
scriptable controls present in RLV added to the mainline viewer
or region/game +ACo-design+ACo

Some RLV features already usable for games include:
- Disable minimap and Map tool unless sensor devices are used
This removes everyone's +ACI-deity's eye view+ACI from combat.
- Disable teleports (except in foyer-style areas)
To keep sorry players from just teleporting out.
- Disable fly without flying device
This time for real, rather than just turning off the button and
everyone using admin view to get it back.
- Attachment controls
To keep people from adding 20 attached +ACI-weapons+ACI and shields
- Better death
blindfold user, turn off chat, nail them in place on the ground, etc.
- Turn off IMs and group chat
Force people to +ACo-speak+ACo or use radio devices, and yes I know people
can skype or IM to get around it - but most will be more reluctant
since that exposes their RL identity which may be cause for pause.
- Limit +ACI-unlimited+ACI mouseclick range
Remove everyone's miles-long reach and force them to actually be
NEXT to things to operate them, like doors.
- Force to Mouselook
Some combat regions could benefit from locking people into Mouselook
while in the actual combat areas of the region.

And that's just the from-memory list of things I wished for while
designing parts of Splintered Rock and Al Raqis. I could probably
come up with MANY MANY more if I actually looked over the API again.

However, since those sorts of scripted controls aren't in the mainline
viewer - region owners are reluctant to allow region builders and
scripter to +ACI-bake+ACI those features in. The requirement to go to a TPV
to utilize those features makes all region owners shy away from the
increased requirements just to be in the region.

+AD4 Just imagine, for the combat roleplayer, a halo-style body armor that 
+AD4 you can't take off on your own, you have to go see the technician.
+AD4 (technician has to RLV-unlock the thing).

Nice suggestion there.
I could mod my armor for that one pretty quick - but most players
wouldn't generally buy use items like that until the features appear
in the mainline viewer. Pity.

Sum up: RLV makes LL-viewer-compatible virtual worlds much, much
more usable for community game development by giving the region
owners control over default viewer features that hurt many parts of
intended roleplay or combat.
Robert +ACI-Exile In Paradise+ACI Murphey
HELLO KITTY gang terrorizes town, family STICKERED to death+ACE

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