[opensource-dev] Review Request: As a music fan, I want audio to fade in gently so my immersion is increased

Jonathan Yap jhwelch at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 05:59:29 PST 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


Audio fading in has been added for when a music stream starts.  Audio fading out has been added for when there is a change in the music stream that is playing.

Two dead files have been eliminated.

An existing bug in how music was not being paused correctly has been fixed.

When you are teleporting you will hear the music stream from the place you are leaving.  This is a change in behavior; previously the music stream was stopped when the teleport progress bar was being displayed.

This code change affects several areas where music is started or stopped.  The new code has evolved significantly, so please look for things that might not "make sense."

This addresses bug STORM-591.


  doc/contributions.txt 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/lloverlaybar.h 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/lloverlaybar.cpp 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/llpanelnearbymedia.h 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/llpanelnearbymedia.cpp 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/llvieweraudio.h 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/llvieweraudio.cpp 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/llviewermedia.cpp 8b455c1b7a5e 
  indra/newview/llviewerparcelmgr.cpp 8b455c1b7a5e 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/520/diff


See the massive test plan in the jira.



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