[sldev] Viewer Manifest

Ryan Williams rdw at lindenlab.com
Thu Feb 22 18:49:24 PST 2007

Dale Glass wrote:
> В сообщении от 23 февраля 2007 00:12 Peekay Semyorka написал(a):
>> Seems like a lot of work for no gain.
>> Why not just rename your executable "MyCoolViewer.exe", and tell users to
>> simply drop it into the Second Life directory?
> Not that easy. For example, my avatar list adds XUI .xml files, and changes 
> another to add text for messages.
> Latest version also adds new textures, which requires modifying textures.xml.
> Eventually, it's easy enough to end up with a situation where my changes 
> conflict with somebody else's, or do something undesirable with the original 
> executable.

This seems like a great time to interject about an installer packaging
script I'm introducing into the next release.

The short story is that building an installer will be one step --
running a Python script.  I don't know how much of our installer-making
code has been released, but since the .nsi wasn't, probably "not much".
 Either way, with the next source release the installer-making
capabilities should be fully operational.

I provided documentation for the file here:

I'm certainly interested in discussion about the design and
implementation of the script.  Of course, not much discussion can happen
until everyone see the code, but I just wanted to give a heads-up.

So, why is this relevant to the topic at hand?  The script consolidates
all the information about how to install the viewer, so you could easily
modify it to install to a different directory with a different name on
the recipient's machine.


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