[sldev] Generic LSL->Client Comms

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Sat Feb 24 14:48:16 PST 2007

В сообщении от 24 февраля 2007 23:34 Soft Noel написал(a):
> Gigs' proposal was for an attribute on the object. Presumably this is
> passed to the viewer when the object is first made known to the viewer.
> Accomplishing the same thing with regular communications would require an
> LSL script that scanned for people to tell, or would require the viewer to
> keep pinging a channel for compatible objects.

Obviously, my way of doing it is a hack. A quite ugly one at that.

But the proposed solution does require LL help, so meanwhile I do what I 
explained, because a LL response could take a long time to materialize.

That said, I'd like to see it done both ways: The property way, and the chat 
way. The property way is good when you want the object to communicate 
something to the viewer automatically, but it's not good for active 
communication (like my scanner wants), since now you'd have to implement some 
sort of serial number for instance.

Also, talking to multiple viewers complicates things considerably.

Here's what I think what a complete solution should have:

1. Some sort of hidden property for communicating metadata to viewer
2. Ability to receive chat-like messages from viewer (optional, channel can be 
used already)
3. Ability to talk to a viewer on some sort of hidden channel
4. Ability to talk to multiple viewers at once without confusion
5. Guaranteed order of delivery
6. Delivery confirmation

Points 2, 3 and 4 I can provide with my hack (4 by sending IMs to viewers, but 
the delay is a problem here. LL help with a specific channel with no delay 
for this would be nice).

Now, guaranteed order of delivery is the big one. During lag sometimes IMs get 
reordered. This breaks some nicely simplistic protocols, for example:

AddElement foo
AddElement bar

If this arrives out of order, the result is not what it should be.

Point 6: I'd like some sort of error notification when delivery fails (object 
vanishes, viewer disconnects, etc)
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