[sldev] GPL issues....

Robin Cornelius robin.cornelius at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 02:25:10 PDT 2008

Marine Kelley wrote:
> I develop and release on Windows, VS2005 and I'm getting it the hard
> way, thankyouverymuch :p
> I don't have any patch management system, do not know what git is (yes I
> know there is a thread about it in the list, didn't take the time to
> read it yet), nor quilt, pristine tar, nor can manage a debian package
> to save my life. Yes I work in the IT industry.
> So here is what I suggest : let all the regular and well-organized Linux
> developers maintain and release their own "tarballs", and all the other
> OS devs like me can get stuffed. After all, who needs VS2005 anymore.
> Maintaining open-source packages like this viewer is for serious people,
> not for us peons.

You made a bold statement that only a company could release sources and
binarys for multiple versions of the viewer, i simply gave an example of
how this was not true. I never said non-linux people get stuffed i just
said that its difficult to manage large projects with patches and
multiple branches in visual studio alone. Thats why I who also work in
the IT industry and has to use VS at work uses these linux tools such as
patch and git/svn etc because it makes my life easier and quicker and
reduces mistakes therefore increasing my productivity.

Geeez people get so upset so quickly on this list.

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