[sldev] Re: [META] How LL can profit from open source

Tim Shephard tshephard at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 15:34:08 PDT 2008

I just wanted to bump this, it's been awhile.   I've been doing a lot of
work with Apple stuff lately and this model has been very successful for the
iPhone which is doing precisely what I talk about here.

Admittedly, it's somewhat revenue neutral, but in terms of pushing platform
adoption it has done extremely well.

I think with the virtual currency a lot of money Apple is paying to Credit
Cards, would go to Linden Lab.  It also creates a demand for the currency
itself, which is another area for profit.   Finally, it's a marketplace
which can be built upon GPL / Open Standard software, because what you're
paying for is the credibility of the marketplace itself, not the proprietary

Hopefully the powers that be at LL are paying attention.



On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 12:27 AM, Tim Shephard <tshephard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Simply - buy out SLExchange.
> Get out of the hosting biz (a profound strategical error) and enter
> into the marketplace biz.
> Enforce a license such that anyone who wants to develop assets for SL
> and use SL IP must either sell their assets through your marketplace
> or use advertising partnerships via your marketplace if they're going
> to use advertising as their source of revenue.
> Enable a plugin architecture for both the client and server.    Let
> people sell plugins through your marketplace and take 10% off all
> revenue and more if it is advertising based.
> Not only will your marketplace be a great revenue generator, it will
> provide a great service for the community by vetting all assets for
> copyright infringement, quality, and viruses.   Both buyers and
> legitimate seller alike will flock to your marketplace as an efficient
> place to do business.
> It's really the best model to make money off Open Source.   We have
> all the freedom of IP with a way to make money for those who are
> shepherding the community.
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