[sldev] realXtend Global inventory tests successful

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Sun Aug 24 09:43:49 PDT 2008


I have attended a few AWGs myself and people from realXtend some of the
others, but I admit that we haven't been around too much.
I hope we can change that soonish.

For the OGP work, I wonder what is the point for realXtend to join that. If
people are using standard SL Viewer, they will see realXtend worlds just as
they would see OpenSim - which is not good as realXtend supports 3D meshes
and free form avatars.
If people use realXtend viewer, they can already teleport between OpenSim,
realXtend and Second Life. There is an address bar in the viewer for that.
Now people can transfer their assets between realXtend worlds.

The next step for AWG (from realXtend point of view) would be to get OGRE
rendering support to official SL Viewer. Only then it starts to make sense
to use SL Viewer and use it to teleport between realXtend and Second Life.

The discussion about licensing content and how it can be transferred from SL
to OpenSim/realXtend and back is of course really relevant.

Best regards,

2008/8/24 Lawson English <lenglish5 at cox.net>

> Jani Pirkola wrote:
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>> Date: 2008/8/22
>> Subject: Global inventory tests successful
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>> We took another step towards the 3D Internet today, as we managed to
>> transport objects from one site to another. These were just initial
>> tests and only prims were tested, but it's sort of a historical
>> moment.
>> You've all probably already read the story on the realXtend blog, but
>> here's the link: http://realxtend.blogspot.com/
>>  Great stuff. I hope you're keeping track of the gridnauts/Open Grid
> Public Beta  and will be willing to give advice on how to make the OGP work
> as well with realXtend worlds as it does with OpenSim...
> ...well, better, we hope, since even with OpenSim, the OGP still needs a
> lot of work.
> In the next week or so, us Pythonistas hope to have the pyogp library
> refactored and functioning to work with the currently defined protocols of
> the OGP. and Tao Takashi hopes to get his python agent domain handling
> teleport soon as well. At that point, perhaps you guys can start making sure
> it works with realkXtend worlds, and give us input on where the OGP and
> pyogp should be going next.
> And I know we are never sure if any of the realXtend folk are attending AWG
> meetings or the Linden office hours. I think we all would love to hear more
> about what you're doing if you want to speak up at the meetings.
> Lawson (Saijanai Kuhn)
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