[sldev] scripting questions: killing runaway script and LLSetPos

Thomas Grimshaw tom at streamsense.net
Sun Nov 2 19:40:04 PST 2008

azdel slade wrote:
> hi,
> i'm not sure if this is okay for this list, but hopefully someone can
> help me with these problems.
There is an LSL mailing list here: 

But i'll try and help :)
> first off, i'm working on an object that moves itself and it has run
> away from me. i've tried recovering all my prims on the land and it is
> still running and sending me chat messages every second. is there a
> way to get a list of my processes and kill the script? i've logged out
> for a couple fo days and its still going.
Okay.. If you have estate privileges, or you pay tier to anyone but 
linden lab, then they will be able to recover the object for you.

If you have an object that ran away from you on mainland, you'll have to 
open a ticket to get the object recovered. Make sure you specify in the 
ticket that the object is spamming your chat, and that it was an accident.
> secondly, i'm using LLSetPos to try to set the location of the object
> and it seems to be additive. While debugging, I've called LLSetPos on
> a timer based on an http request, but even though the same coordinates
> are returned the objects keeps moving away. Is this the expected
> behavior of LLSetPos? The documentation doesn't seem to say so. I'm
> also outputting the coordinate I'm moving to, and I'm sure I'm not
> adding.
No, and i've not noticed any odd behavior like this. Are you crossing 
sim borders?
> thanks,
No problem. Please email me directly if you'd like more information 
rather than the list.


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