[sldev] Sim Size Limits?

Bj Raz whitequill.bj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 13:32:44 PST 2008

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 4:30 PM, Bj Raz <whitequill.bj at gmail.com> wrote:

> How many avatars are allowed per 32x32 sim. I must have just missed that
> while reading. It could be each sim is restricted to its own group channel,
> that you must be allowed to enter by the owner, and you have no access to
> local chat at all. Basically you must be invited to chat at the event; and
> each 32x32 sim has its own group channel.  This would also work for the
> center sim for the players in the middle too.
> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 11:25:00AM -0500, Mike Monkowski wrote:
>> > Dale Mahalko wrote:
>> >> The main challenge here is having a big enough network pipe to support
>> >> getting updates from those 4800 spectators plus the actual events in
>> >> the center. Assuming just 25 kilobit maximum to update each spectator,
>> >> that's a potential peak of 120 megabits when everyone stands up
>> >> together to cheer or wave their pennant, not counting the actual event
>> >> updates in the center sim.
>> >
>> > And don't forget the "minor" problem of actually rendering all of this
>> > on the client.
>> Hi, I come from the IRC world (coder and protocol developer); that might
>> not seem related, but in a way it is.
>> The only way I could solve very large events is by making join/parts
>> invisible except of those who speak. On IRC that means: the channel is
>> moderated so that nobody except users with special privs can speak.
>> Then a broadcast is done for an event and -say- 5000 users join more or
>> less simultaneously. Instead of sending 5000 times 5000 messages about
>> joins, not to mention the chatter flood that would happen, the channel
>> seems to be empty and no joins are sent. As soon as someone is allowed
>> to speak and speaks, the server sends a delayed join to all clients
>> just prior to the actual spoken word.
>> Perhaps it's an idea for very large events to copy this method to SL.
>> 'Joining' means that you see someone appear as if they just teleported
>> to their spot. That way you'd still have a large crown that needs to
>> be updated about events, but only little data to send to them (only
>> those participating in the event in the center). Each individual spectator
>> would see him/herself spawn and they can walk around, but nobody else
>> will see them unless someone with higher priviledges makes them visible
>> to the rest (ie, after first IM-ing).
>> There are a LOT other hard problems with large events, but well lets
>> keep this simple for now.
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>> Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com>
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