[sldev] [i18n] - Question about test strings

zai I_really_needed_a_new_mailbox at gmx.de
Mon Nov 17 00:49:48 PST 2008

(2nd try since I didn't answer to the list in the first run...)
Am Sonntag, den 16.11.2008, 09:43 +0900 schrieb Alissa Sabre:
> This phrase attracted me, but,
> > Noelle Linden asked volunteers to have a look at CT-81
> > ( https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CT-81 ) in order to compile a
> I looked at it, but I don't speak French.

Heyas Alissa! =)

Although the description of the Jira is posted in French (I can't
understand it either), the comments switch to English. The related Wiki
page is in English too. I'll ask Gally if she can translate the
description in the Jira. 

Thx for the hint to the notecards! Will have a look at them as soon as
I'm in-world again.

Any hints to my initial question? Do we need to test full alphabets or
is it likely that (in case one charracter works for fields in the viewer
- like "notices", "search forms", etc etc - that all characters in that
language are working? 
In case no one got an idea on their own, does anyone know which Lindens
office hour to attend to ask?

Thx & greetz =)

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