[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Bill Windwalker billwindwalker at rocketmail.com
Wed Aug 5 12:35:12 PDT 2009

I am using the snowglobe test build 1.1 and have had it running over 40 hours non stop.
but the crash i have had was do to this list of types.
1. bulk load time out crash.. trying to import textures to SL after texture edit out of sl.
2. missing or unknown texture attack by a griefer 
3. invisi goo , pusher prim attacks spam flood pushing fps down to 0.1 then mini map started to blink red then a crash.
4. Unknown IM attack crash still do not know what happen no logs had taken place.
5. after doing more then 24 hours of builds client started to slow down and when i did try to TP to another sim i did crash some thing to do with can not find sim address time out.


From: Rob Lanphier <robla at lindenlab.com>
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Subject: [sldev] More crash rate statistics

Hi folks,

I've attached a couple of things:
1.  A graph showing the crash rates for the viewer
2.  More granular data in table form.

The graph is obviously more visually appealing, but the problem is that
it shows the crash rate of the viewer is that it currently shows all
"Snowglobe Test Build" lumped together in a way that's not going to be
entirely indicative of the problems.  Unfortunately, the tools we use to
update the graph may not be flexible enough to keep rotating version

The other problem is that there's a lot of junk versions in the version
numbers.  If we do graph by version number, we'd need to make sure we
don't clutter up the data with bad version numbers.

How would you all like to see this data presented?

Discuss here:


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