[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Melinda Green melinda at superliminal.com
Fri Aug 7 17:24:02 PDT 2009

Tillie Ariantho wrote:
> Melinda Green wrote:
>> Snapshots work. I have noticed that they've gotten *much* slower for me
>> but just about everything works. Maybe you're talking about its
>> usability? It's not helpful to just say that something is bad without
>> saying what's bad about it and if possible, offering constructive
>> suggestions to improve it. Otherwise you're just venting, which might
>> make you feel better but is not terribly helpful or attractive.
> Only to mention those that annoy me most:
> - Screensize is 2560x1600, Snapshot does 2560x1599 when selecting "current window", so 1 line of pixels missing.
> - Preview window shows anything but the scene you try to snap.

I don't know what you mean by preview not working. When you hit "Save" 
you should definitely get a big version of what ever you seen in the 
preview window. It's possible that you can change a snapshot setting 
after getting a preview (refresh) and before saving it, which should 
have invalidated the Save button but didn't. Those are nearly trivial 
problems and easily worked around. (Hit "refresh"). Or maybe you expect 
File->Snapshot To Disk to do the same thing as the Save button. (It 

> - Mirrored glow on highres snapshots.
> - Freeze doesnt freeze particles, clouds etc.
> - Highres snapshots show weird lines in clouds and water at the center of the saved snapshot

These are all Windlight bugs. The problem with particles, clouds, etc. 
not honoring Freeze Frame is one of my biggest annoyances too, BTW, but 
from a pure user's perspective, it's valid to call them Snapshot bugs.

> not direcly snapshots but related to my photography work:
> - textures not rezzing very often, on all versions of 1.23.x and Snowglobe 1.x.
> - I crash a lot when doing snapshots at crowded places, like fashion shows, SL probably spamming memory with textures and stuff and crashing due to memory issues at some point.
> and lots more.
> And my hardware isnt that bad... Intel Quad 9300, 8GB Ram (Vista 64bit SP1), Geforce 260 GTX (896 MB), latest patches an drivers, 1.23.x and Snowglobe are worse that the 1.22.x and 1.21.x versions.
> Don't tell me it's Vista 64bit, doesnt work any better on XP SP3 32bit, same bugs, same crashing during shows.
> Here you have a list off almost all the stuff: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7709 (Snapshot Meta Issue)

Yes, I'm aware of the meta task, but notice that about half of the 
issues are already closed. I expect many more are invalid. I'm not 
saying there aren't problems with this or any other major feature. I 
just wouldn't suggest that it's "broken" or otherwise unusable.

> I have the bad feeling that no one is working on snapshots anymore. Someone did till 1.23 and broke something with each subrelease, I saw no improvement, only more bugs.

That would me me who made most of the recent changes to Snapshots 
through 1.23 when I left the Lab. Perhaps you don't consider the ability 
to save in JPG and PNG formats to be an improvement but I and a lot of 
other people feel that was huge. I'm also particularly proud about 
clarifying the top "Snapshot destination" choices, adding the "Save As" 
drop-down option as well as a ton of code clean-up under the hood. I 
also removed a stupid 1 second delay between when you hit Refresh or 
File->Snapshot To Disk which action photographers should love. Another 
developer added a lot of new support for cropping and other controls 
regarding aspect ratios.

It's certainly possible that in the process of doing all the above and 
more that I broke some things, and for all of those, I apologize. It 
certainly wasn't for lack of care, effort, or testing. So while one set 
of bugs might have been replaced by some others, you certainly can't say 
that there's been no improvement.


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