[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Tillie Ariantho tillie at xp2.de
Sat Aug 8 03:02:39 PDT 2009

Melinda Green wrote:

> I don't know what you mean by preview not working. When you hit "Save"
> you should definitely get a big version of what ever you seen in the
> preview window.

No, whatever you see in the preview, it's not what you really shoot. It's a part of it, often missing objects and stuff and totally not the correct part of the screen you snap.

> It's possible that you can change a snapshot setting
> after getting a preview (refresh) and before saving it, which should
> have invalidated the Save button but didn't. Those are nearly trivial
> problems and easily worked around. (Hit "refresh"). Or maybe you expect
> File->Snapshot To Disk to do the same thing as the Save button. (It
> doesn't).

Hey, you dont need to teach me how to use it. :) I've 20,000 snapshots up on flickr. ,)

>> - Mirrored glow on highres snapshots.
>> - Freeze doesnt freeze particles, clouds etc.
>> - Highres snapshots show weird lines in clouds and water at the center
>> of the saved snapshot

> These are all Windlight bugs. The problem with particles, clouds, etc.
> not honoring Freeze Frame is one of my biggest annoyances too, BTW, but
> from a pure user's perspective, it's valid to call them Snapshot bugs.

Yes. As this doesn't occur anywhere else than in snapshot, it is a snapshot bug. Where to fix it (windlight code) I dont mind, as long as it GETS fixed.

> Yes, I'm aware of the meta task, but notice that about half of the
> issues are already closed.

Closed doesnt mean fixed. "Cannot reproduce" and "need more info" are not fixes.

> That would me me who made most of the recent changes to Snapshots
> through 1.23 when I left the Lab. Perhaps you don't consider the ability
> to save in JPG and PNG formats to be an improvement but I and a lot of
> other people feel that was huge.

Sure that was good. I filled Gigabytes of space before. :P

> I'm also particularly proud about
> clarifying the top "Snapshot destination" choices, adding the "Save As"
> drop-down option

Where I still can complain: why does it ask me? When I chose a path last session, why does it ask me again after an SL restart? That's pretty annoying, especially as I am running SL in fullscreen and
the file dialog doesnt appear ... I have to switch to desktop, click SL in the process bar and before Vista switches back to the SL fullscreen, I get the file dialog.

> as well as a ton of code clean-up under the hood.

Which is not seen to the photographer, so no chance to praise it. ^^

> It's certainly possible that in the process of doing all the above and
> more that I broke some things, and for all of those, I apologize. It
> certainly wasn't for lack of care, effort, or testing. So while one set
> of bugs might have been replaced by some others, you certainly can't say
> that there's been no improvement.

Ok, sure. There was improvement. But with the bugs I listed for ME it's still greatly broken. Especially highres snashots cant be done with the glow and water/particle/fog bugs. There is lots of glow
around and all photos with water/particle/fog in it you have to fix in photoshop, if that is even possible.


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