[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Tillie Ariantho tillie at xp2.de
Sat Aug 8 12:37:13 PDT 2009

Melinda Green wrote:

> I've seen what you mention about missing objects (attachments, it seems
> to me) but I've not seen problems with framing.

It's only a part of the snapshot, always! Maybe the snapshot preview has a problem with my large resolution?
At least for saving it has... as it drops one line of pixels.

>> Hey, you dont need to teach me how to use it. :) I've 20,000 snapshots
>> up on flickr. ,)

> Well then *something* must be going right here!  :-D

Many of them I did BEFORE all the "fixes" that came in 1.23+

And I have quite a work to do during fashion show photo shoots.

With the old Nicholaz client based on SL 1.18 I NEVER crashed during a show. Nowadays I do up to 2 times.
And for the photographer crashing is pretty bad.

- maybe sim is full and you cant get back in
- you miss items shown
- stuff isn't rezzing anymore, quite often, especially shapes... I see lots of clouds after a crash and often they dont get loaded at all, anymore

> I'd never thought of that, I guess because I always choose
> image/sequence names that relate to the subject matter. That's why I
> love that I can now change my mind in the middle of session. I like your
> feature suggestion to save the last location, if not the final file name.

Sure the "Save as" should open the file dialog. But even using the default "save" opens the file dialog first time after starting SL. And that's bad.

> And this is my main point: This is the sort of feedback that has a
> chance of getting a positive response. Just saying "it's all broken"
> doesn't help at all, while acknowledging improvements that you
> appreciate helps to motivate the developers.

I visited several Office Hours now, listing several of those bugs. But the feedback is like "Ah ha, interesting!", "Oh really?" or "Sounds nasty." What I want is someone do some work there, not
useless comments. :P

What I only can hope for is that someone breaks Snapshots REALLY BAD so that Torley can't do any photos anymore. Then maybe, with HIS complains, someone will look into the snapshot code again.

> Users often forget that
> devs are human beings who care deeply about their work. It hurts to have
> our work slammed all the time, and when that happens, most devs will
> stop reading those sources.

I am not only a user, I am a developer too, using PCs since '85, writing programs in Basic, Assembler, Modula-2, Pascal, PHP, Perl, Python, Java, Shellscript, REXX (OS/2!) some C and C++ and maybe
some more. So I know how programming feels like. I never had someone complain bad about my code, though. :P


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