[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Ann Otoole missannotoole at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 8 13:03:00 PDT 2009


- maybe sim is full and you cant get back in
- you miss items shown
- stuff isn't rezzing anymore, quite often, especially shapes... I see lots of clouds after a crash and often they dont get loaded at all, anymore

This isn't the client. It is a problem with the regions. If you crash in an empty region then stuff loads just fine when you come back. 

So how do we deal with he fact the regions are dying with more than 15 avatars in them? Once you cross over 40 avatars you can hang it up. If you get to 80 then nobody is going anywhere until the region is restarted.

Something is wrong with the simulator system. What do we do about it? That code is not open source nor should it be. 
Will the people in charge of that area listen to the customers or will the grid be dead in a few months?.

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