[sldev] "parcel" media should include the ability to set local host, at least in a HUD instance

mitch at mckenzie.ws mitch at mckenzie.ws
Tue Aug 18 16:05:46 PDT 2009

Hi Lawson,

I had a hud that does alot of what you are talking about, even had a way 
to implement it that avoided silly parcel limitations by using a single 
antenna in the sim to make the media call to the agent, not the parcel, 
but then Soft Linden decided to kill it off and call it a "Bug" after 
several years in active use on the main grid with out a single 
compliant. You can see the nasty history here:  
http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-4133  ... They decided it could be 
used to harvest I.P.s even though the current parcel system allows for 
simple I.P. harvesting just as it sits today.

I still have some levels of functionality available, but not near the 
simplicity for users as it was before they killed it off.Hollar and I 
will show you my examples in world..

Media Hax

Lawson English wrote:
> Lawson English wrote:
>> I think the problem is that there's no way for a non-land-owner to SET 
>> the url in the first place.
> Just to clarify: right now,  you need to have the ability to set the 
> parcel media URL. When people start producing custom plugins for the 
> media plugin API, that limitation will still exist, as far as I can tell.
> What is needed is a way for someone to be able to set a media URL or 
> plugin equivalent that is independent of the parcel media URL.
> The private URL could be directed to a localhost server, or to a private 
> server, or whatever.  With a bit of clever hacking, it MAY be possible 
> to integrate existing/future collaboration tools into SL that work 
> independently of the parcel media. FOr example, if a group of people 
> want to play multi-person tic-tac-toe in a HUD, there should be a way 
> for them to privately arrange a URL or other connection to a central 
> server or to each other, independently of there ability to set the 
> parcel media URL.
> ALong those lines, it would be valuable for businesses to individually 
> set a URL for each person interacting with a prim. That way, several 
> different webpages, plugins, etc could be used, each directed to a 
> specific avatar. Personalized tech support would be possible this way, 
> for example.
> Of course, the ultimate implementation of this idea would be 
> Croquet-on-a-HUD, which might actually be doable with the new media plugin:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLMkc7sI2-w
> Lawson
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